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Do you like a variety of terrain to choose from when planning your hunt? Montgomery Farms has the choices – from hardwoods to swamp, planted fields to pastures. We’ve got rolling hills, river bottom, food plots, some pines and a little bit of cutover. All these land types mesh to form over 5000 acres of some fine hunting land. Take a look at the Photo Gallery and imagine some of those bucks walking across the field of view in the photos below. It happened for someone.



About the Big Black River Basin:

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We know we couldn't do as good a job extolling the virtues of the Big Black River Basin than John J. Woods, so we won't try. Read the excerpts below from his article titled "Bucks On the Big Black" for Mississippi Game and Fish magazine.

"This river corridor is very significant in terms of yielding trophy-class whitetail bucks in the Magnolia State. In fact, the waterway's basin has earned a reputation as one of the top buck-producing areas in the Southeast, and the 11 counties along the flow of the Big Black River -- Claiborne, Warren, Hinds, Yazoo, Madison, Holmes, Attala, Carroll, Montgomery and Webster -- are consistently found near the top in rankings of Mississippi's best trophy-buck regions.

The obvious question that comes to mind is: Why does this area of the state produce so many record-class bucks?

The answer lies in understanding the fundamental elements that whitetail bucks must have to thrive and to grow big racks.

The three key factors are nutrition, age, and genetics; you can also throw in cover. This habitat has all of these critical elements.

Mother Nature is basically responsible for providing the nutrition for wildlife, and she's done an admirable job in this regard within the Big Black River basin region of the state. But there's more to it than the simple luck of an area replete with more-than-ample supplies of nutrient-rich natural browse.

Tracing the origin of the Big Black River from Webster County southwest to its confluence with the Mississippi River in Claiborne County takes you across a wide swath of some of the finest soil in America. This dirt, an extremely calcium-rich soil type known as "loess," is a heavy, loamy soil highly conducive to growing the high-quality plant cover that's extremely beneficial to a big buck's development. Calcium is vital for bone growth, which is the basis for producing large, heavy antlers."

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If you like big bass, you’ll love fishing at Montgomery Farms. Having been managed as a trophy lake for many years, there is ample supply of largemouths ready to test the drag on your reel. Crappie and bluegill are also present in abundance and many are caught right off of the pier. This is a great place to get the whole family involved and enjoy time together.

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